This is a non-profit project done in partnership and focuses on values such as solidarity and humanitarian aid.

How did it start? As the conflict in Ukraine escalated, the CASAFARI team responded to a plea coming from the growing community of volunteers - Real Estate Consultants for Ukraine in Portugal (CIPU): their mission is to gather shelters and low-cost accommodation available on Portuguese territory for refugees in need.

CASAFARI has offered its help by providing CIPU volunteers with its CRM technology to support the refugee support effort.

Our goal is to provide a digital technology platform to everyone who aims to help or provide all refugees from Ukraine with shelter and peace.

Are you a refugee? Here you can find short-term shelter and mid-/long-term housing.
Are you a host? Here you can add your housing option.



Platform for everyone 


We connect hosts who can provide shelter and low-cost accommodation (houses, flats and rooms) to refugees who are in a precarious housing situation. This is a non-profit project.

When the conflict in Ukraine escalated on 24 February 2022, millions of people were forced to leave their homes. Anyone who wants to become a host can access this platform to make a shelter available for those escaping the war. Any refugee can do their search to find their next shelter.

In the first two weeks after the conflict started, CIPU volunteers achieved the following:

  • 183 families accommodated
  • 1344 shelters/housing units were found in Portugal (corresponding to at least 2 beds per unit)
  • 73 volunteers in permanent contact 24/7 between refugees and hosts.
  • 13.000 community members supporting the initiative

With the help of technology, we are able to multiply these efforts and scale across Europe.



Digital and ready to use


With the forced exodus in search of better living conditions, CASAFARI provided the team and technology allocated to the CRM to build this community-based space that belongs to everyone. This is a project done on a non-profit basis and with the support of real estate professionals who have joined the cause.

Easy to use and adapted to the needs of each family's circumstances, this database has hundreds of hosts. Over 2,500 beds in Portugal and 5,000 across Europe. Numbers that are scaling up very quickly.



Created with  ❤️  by CASAFARI team In collaboration with CIPU volunteers

CASAFARI, a company created in Portugal and based in Bairro Alto, has 250 employees in the team working remotely and in offices across Europe. 105 team members live and work in Ukraine. Since the beginning of the invasion of the country, the Co-founder and Managing Director Product & Data of CASAFARI, Mila Suharev, had stayed in close contact with everyone in the Ukrainian team, ensuring every one of the team and their families were safe.

In the meantime, the Portuguese part of the team began working on several initiatives including donations, IT jobs board with companies sponsoring legal support and the housing for refugees project initiated by CIPU volunteers. What began as support for our team and their families, grew quickly into global initiatives in collaboration with humanitarian organizations, volunteers, clients, and other technology startups.

To ensure team safety, CASAFARI organized operations to rehome their employees in Portugal. The aim is that here they can live in peace, continue to work and recover the possible normality they had before the invasion of their country of origin.

“Housing for refugees” project is our focus. We want to be an impactful part of the solution to problem number one right now", describes Mila Suharev Co-founder, Product and Data at CASAFARI.



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